There are a lot of options out there when deciding on which WordPress web hosting provide to use.  Many businesses will decided soley on price.  But with web hosting the old addage remains “you get what you pay for”.

What you don’t know is that many of these national, low cost web hosting companies limit what you can and can’t do with WordPress.

As a result, here are 5 reason why St. Louis businesses should host their website locally.

1. Plugin Limits

Many companies limit what plugins you can and can’t use.  Many of the plugins The Rositano Group suggests you use to enhance your site, including Search Engine Optimization plugins, are not available on the national platforms.

2. You Get What You Pay For

Even though national web hosting companies may cost less, what are you getting for your money?  The Rositano Group specializes in WordPress web hosting and provides businesses the server  settings you need to optimize your site.  We optimize our PHP, SQL, Bandwidth and Data storage setting to optimze your site’s needs.

3. Security

If not managed properly, WordPress websites can be vulnerable to security attacks or wasted resources, causing your website to perform poorly.  The Rositano Group’ managed WordPress solutions ensure your site is up to date and that we provide you with the necessary information to keep your site safe.

4. Supports the local economy

By supporting local businesses, the St. Louis region thrives.  The Rositano Group is a locally owned businesses recycling our revenues back into the local economy.  Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally and can provide better wages and benefits than national web hosting chains.

5. Great Support & Service

Just becuase we’re local doesn’t mean less quality.  The Rositano Group’s web hosting service uses load-balanced servers optimized for WordPress with multiple cashing layers and massively redundant file and database servers to ensure fast page loads and high scalability for traffic spikes.

WordPress is all we do.   The staff at The Rositano Group all specialize in one area. Regardelss of the situation, if it affects a WordPress website, we know how to fix it.

Visit our Web Hosting page today to setup a new account.

Already have web hosting?  Afraid to transfer becuase it was so hard to setup up?  Don’t worry.  We do all the work.  We do this every day and handle every step so you can focus on your business!